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Survival Dogs Ltd.
Shadrach ready for action!

Survival Dogs Ltd. is dedicated to the memory of Sadie Dog & Shadrach

two of the finest dogs a man has ever owned


A survival dog.  Dogs throughout the ages have been loyal friends and servants to man.  Dogs have served many purposes.  There are hunting dogs that can help bag the game of your choice.  There are working stock dogs that herd sheep and cattle.  There are guard dogs that protect valuable property and those that are for personal security.  There are police dogs that serve as an officer's best partner.  There are dogs that can sniff out drugs and dogs that can sniff out explosives. There are tracking dogs that can search out lost children or hunt down escaped criminals.  There are dogs that can locate earthquake survivors buried in the rubble.  There are dogs that can locate cadavers under the water and under the rubble.  There are dogs that serve the handicapped giving eyes to the blind and ears to the deaf.  And there are dogs that are just plain good companions and pets.  Dogs are the most versatile and useful animal man has ever known.  A personal survival dog can take dog ownership to a higher level of utility and enjoyment than previously known.  It takes a special breed of person to be successful at raising and owning a survival dog.  However, those that dare to accomplish this goal will find that there is very little in life more satisfying and rewarding than owning one of these unique animals.


Survival Dogs Ltd.  will provide a roadmap that can make this dream come true for those interested in owning a personal survival dog.  It is often said that more than half the battle in training a dog is training the owner.  Here at Survival Dogs Ltd. you can feel confident that you have an experienced friend to help you navigate along this fascinating journey.


First there was Sadie.  I wasn't much interested in owning a dog until I met Sadie's momma Lady.  Lady was pretty impressive.  I told her owner, "man, if a dog can really act like that I would like to have one."  So he promised me one of Lady's puppies.  My previous experience with most dogs was that they barked too much, jumped and slobbered all over you, and were basically unruly and poorly behaved.  But, Lady, like her name implies was a real canine lady.  Well behaved, polite, super smart with substantial recognizable vocabulary.  The man that owned Lady smoked cigarettes at the time.  He would look at Lady and ask, " Where are my cigarettes?"  Lady would promptly depart on a search.  In a short amount of time she would return with a pack of cigarettes in her mouth.  Once the cigarettes were safely delivered, Lady's owner would look at her and ask, "Now, what am I going to light them with?"  Lady would once again take off soon to return with either a box of matches or a cigarette lighter in her mouth.  I did not smoke, but this cigarette routine was only the tip of the iceberg for Lady's capabilities.