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Piracy Deterrent Bar Implementation

pdb implementation

•During start up the Power On Self Test causes the PDB BIOS to inventory the Piracy Deterrent Bar contents.
•The location in the matrix of any applications with a PDB ROM chip present is mapped to the PDB Cache.
•The Directing Post evaluates the architecture and sets bits indicating the availability or non-availability of specific types.
• When a PDB ROM chip is added or removed while the computer is running an interrupt causes the inventory program to update the PDB Cache.
• When an application is requested for use the PDB Cache is interrogated.
(1) If a hit occurs, the PDB ROM chip that accompanies the application is accessed.
(2) Available compilations are determined and matched with the available architectures determined by the directing post.
(3) Based on the available compilations and available architectures an efficiency hierarchy invokes the best compilation to run the program and the application is directed to the appropriate architecture.
(4) If a PDB ROM chip is not present for a requested application then the CISC architecture is defaulted to.
(5) Depending on the age and version of the application the user has access to a fully functional application or a restricted demo version.