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I wrote the Dispatch Solutions program to assist Air-Evac Dispatch in determining the most suitable base to dispatch on a mission.  Prior to Dispatch Solutions a large wall map of the area of operations was utilized.  A dispatcher would have to obtain the coordinates of the scene then plot the location on the wall map, then visually decide which base was most suitable to dispatch.

Dispatch Solutions allowed the dispatcher to simply enter the coordinates of the scene into the software.  Once entered a graphical display showed the scene and its relationship to the three bases.  The bases were color coded: Green for the closest,  Yellow for the second closest, and Red for the farthest.  Distance, direction, and estimated time en-route was also provided.  This program made it extremely fast and easy for a dispatcher to decide which base to dispatch.

Sharon Slone is a dispatcher that worked at the time Dispatch Solutions was in use.  Her contact information can be provided upon request.